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50SuperReal is a concentrated drop of computational, social and spatial knowledge, founded by an international team based in Madrid and dedicated to designing and deploying adaptable spatial systems for future challenges at all scales

50SuperReal began by acts of spreading awareness regarding the reality we face given the environmental conditions, the growing global population and the predictions of urban growth until the year 2050.

We dedicate ourselves to providing informed, innovative and relevant design solutions to the challenges we will be facing.

Our formula


Computational design

We believe in deploying the highest and most advanced technology that is available to us in order to achieve the best results. We manage a large array of digital tools, but also physical tools that allow us to inform the digital models. 

Spatial strategies

For us, designed space has the user at the core. Our spatial strategies come from an extensive investigation into the context, the impact and the users. Communities and their comprising units are the main drivers in our projects.

Ecological consciousness

Climate change and environmental impact are crucial parameters that mould our designs. We employ data models to understand the behaviour of our designs and optimise them for a harmonious and respectful integration with our planet and resources.

The team

Ruxandra Iancu Bratosin is a design strategist focusing on applying computational logics and social empowerment systems to sustainable development and environmental solutions. She studied architecture in Bucharest, Romania after which she took the Masters in Advanced Architecture program in the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia | IAAC. She has been active in the academic field, teaching in the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona, ETSAM in Madrid, Elisava in Barcelona, and she has held lectures and workshops across the globe. Currently she is an Associate Professor in the Bachelor in Design at IE School of Architecture de Design and the director of the Master in Advanced Interior Design at Structuralia. 

Alessandro Mattoccia is a BIM manager and computational designer that graduated cum laude in 2015 from the Faculty of Engineer in Pisa with a master degree in “Building Engineering and Architecture”. He also studied at Riga Technical University in 2010 during the program “Urban Outcast” and at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Iaac) in 2015.  In October 2017 he graduated from the International Master BIM Manager from Zigurat, Global Institute of Technology.

He is now a teacher at IE School of Architecture and Design and at Master in Programming applied to Construction, Structuralia. He is the co-director of the Master in BIM and Smart Buildings Structuralia. 

Rodrigo Rubio Cuadrado is an architect and PhD candidate by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) and Master in Advanced Architecture by the Polytechnic School of Barcelona (IAAC), where he served for more than eight years as teaching and research fellow focused at the intersection between urban design, digital media and ecology. He has directed and co-directed research projects such as the Hyper-habitat (Venice Biennale, 2008), the Fab Lab House (Solar Decathlon Europe, 2010), and the Fab Condenser (Fab10 World Congress, 2014) and he has been recipient of several design awards at national and international forums. Rodrigo is currently expanding his research on sustainable communities as a pre-doctoral fellow at Tulane University, New Orleans.